Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kehabisan Botol..!


Wupssss..Not enough AVENT bottles to store my breastmilk la..
Pikir punya pikir..I think it is unnecessary for me to buy another boxes of AVENT bottles (which can cost me about RM50+++..)
Rasa xberbaloi kalau setakat dijadikan stock container (in the freezer)
Actually, banyak lg botol2 lain yg I tak guna (from hampers, gift,etc)
rugi plak kalau tak pakai kan..
so, I basuh and steril..and ready to be used as my stock container..
But, I have to transfer breastmilk from bottle to bottle la plak bcoz my sweet lil' princess refuses other than AVENT bottles...(haih..dah pandai memilih anak mama nih..)

akhirnya saya bleh guna botol2 yg chomel2 nih..yeayy..
Classic Pooh bottles with “PVC-Free” label...siap dgn drying rack tu..

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