Tuesday, December 30, 2008


How time flies, my 2 months maternity leave came and went, psssttttttt…. just like that!

My first day of maternity leave was 1 Syawal — a paid holiday of course (alhamdulillah..the beauty of keja makan gaji). So, last week on 2 December I have already to figure out how to turn off the mom-brain and focus to work.Duhhhhh!!!

Like most mums, I am getting really upset while at work and feels so bad for leaving my 2 cutey-mutey princess since we’ve hardly been apart (especially dgn Kak Long tu..)

But, I think most of us working mums have what I call "mother guilt" for pretty much everything kan… but we learn to live with it and recognize it for what it is :) We might like to be home full-time but for a multitude of reasons (unlimited wants, atau dlm bahasa yg mudah phm, nafsu shopping yg melampau.. bla..bla) we simply can't!

Plus, we'll always find something to feel guilty about, where our kids are concerned LOL ;) And I think this feeling will last forever and ever from the day they are born up to we left this world…Bila fikir balik patut la mak-mak kita still kalut risaukan kita wpun dah besa panjang..only mums understand the feeling of being a mum..right?

So, as a theraphy of this 'jiwa kacau', my hubby and I do some shopping.We call this shopping as 'Back To School Work'...lalalala..As usual, kalo pasal shopping and jalan2,I takkan tolak hokey..!I am really excited (sikit je sbenarnya, tak le 'really pon) to start my day at work if there are new things to wear mcm baju ke..kasut ker.So, without any doubt I bought this..

my new office shoe..

my favorite brand, CROCS. Sasari merah tu nampak dah tak sesuai utk dipakai selepas ngandung ni sb my working place quite strict for sandals. So, I bought this one. Tesangat comfortable..and I nak tukar imej sket. Asyik keperempuanan jer..boring!keremajaan plak eh?tehehee..mula2 ingat nak amik purple color.Nampak sgt manis..tp mcm tak sesuai and tak formal utk keja.At last,black jgk..And yg saya paling suka..munga2 tu.Tp ada ke patut bagi bunga sebelah jer..lg sebelah kena beli sendiri.Seketul bunga tu 8 hengget..punya la mencekik darah!Tapi saya tetap sukeeeeee...
Dan..yg paling best my beloved hadiahkan Alain Delon handbag yg sgt klasik & elegan utk ari petama keja. Untuk menambah semangat ketanya..ehee..I likeyyyyy

sweet kan my beloved nih!

At Work

My routine start at 5 am. Kena bgn awal supaya tak kelam kabut kalau Humaira tejaga dr tido. Prepare apa2 yg patut utk keja.Pukul 7 dah kena gerak dr umah. Before that kena nyusukan Humaira sampai dia tetido balik..

am (pagi)

8:00 - Start keja..sbm tu beli breakfast and apa2 yg patut.Ni routine biasa la

8:30 - Sesi ngepam yg petama..(dpt dlm 5 oz)

9-10:30 - Keja..

11:00 - Sesi pump yg ke-2 (dpt 4-5 oz)

11:30-1 - Keja lg...

pm (petang)

1-2 - lunch hour I balik umah..direct feeding and spot checking my maid.

2-3:30 - Start keja balik..

4:00 - Third pump session..(dpt 4 oz)

4:30-5:30 - Keja ..

6:00 - Last session (dpt 2 oz)
6:30 : balik keja and direct feeding..

extra ice packs and this book I beli kat Mom's Little Ones

Just for my lil' baby..

And..to stimulate the breast milk, I put their photos at my work station..ilang sket rasa rindu..

Hezryn Amyra (left) and Humaira Sufea (right)..my angels!

Dan..untuk menghilangkan tekanan perasaan, I amik gambar sendiri dlm toilet. Pose malas nak keja namanya..(yg ni jgn tiru ek..tak elok utk pekembangan karier anda)

me..in the office toilet..ehee..gambar takde motif

I'm going to miss them so much plus I'm really worried that I'm not going to be in the right head space to get my work done for these 2-3 weeks in time. So, please excuse me for that yer boss:)

Insyaallah..new year will come with new spirit and new revolution!

To my beloved kids..

As hard as those times away from us, the more enjoyable our time together will be!Muasssss..


angkasa said...

ne bca dri ats smp bwh tau.haha.da msuk keja kn.slmt bkeja laa na!!hezryn ngan humaira cute glaa dlm gmbq yg ada kiri dgn knan tu.hehe :))

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