Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crocs™ Lover..

New addition to my Crocs™ collection..say hi to black Crocs™ Lena.. love affair with Crocs™ has never ended since the time I got my first pair, Crocs™ Sassari Red-Silver.

I beli ni masa dpt tau pregnant for my second baby.At that time I need comfortable sandal with 3" heel.Puas mencari satu mid valley, tak tau yg this gorgeous footwear is Crocs™..At last, masa nak belikan kasut utk Hezryn dkt Crocs™outlet JJ Bukit Tinggi, terjumpa si merah ni..jadik haruslah terus membeli dan terus memakai..kasut lama?terus bungkussss!

Then, my second pair is..

Not sure what the name of this model..Similar to Crocs™Alice and Mary Jane..But not listed
here..So comfy to wear at work and cute pair of shoes with 'munga-munga'.

For my dear princess, Hezryn Amyra, her first collection is Crocs™ Kids Cayman in limeI love this kiddy Crocs™ and I know that Hez does too because she wears them every chance she gets. This is the only shoes that she can get on without any help, even if sometimes she wears on the wrong feet. She wears them outside when she is getting dirty, which is great because they are easy to clean..

And..for the next model,perhaps for my coming birthday or anniversary or mothers day or kalau mr beloved saja2 nak belikan pon boley... (kecik tapak tgn :) Not YET in Malaysia I think..but still..I'm eyeing this..

Crocs™ Hanalei black.. Natural/Stone

And..also this lovely Crocs™ Rio in Natural/Red..

Sexxyyy kan..I want...I want!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Face and New Hope..!

I'm not updating my blog 3 months since my last post kan..
Apparently, I'm not very good about being faithful to this blog, am i?

Super-duper bz laa..(work, family, biz, yada..yada..)
my kids makin besar..makin comel..makin notti..
layan diaorg tiap2 hari dah cukup utk saya mengabaikan facebook, fotopages, blog, etc-etc..

si kecik ni dah pandai berebut brg dgn kak long dia..

bkn saja brg..PAPA pun jadi rebutan jgk :p

And ..I decided to once again change the template of my blog.
What happen to the old one?

I’ve changed to a new theme because the background image wasn’t working properly with the old theme..

But anyway..
Saya sangat suka template baru ni..

Cute jer kan..
it's so meeeeee

Insyallah..for the upcoming post
saya malas dah nak tulis panjang2..
sket2 jer..pastu masuk gamba byk2 emmphh..

pasni harapnya dah tak besawang lagi la ye..


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