Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration..

I'm still in Mother's Day mood.. How was everyone's Mother's day weekend...? I hope everyone had fun time with loved ones & friends..

Actually,since I became a mother of two kids... I'm sooo excited about Mother’s Day celebration Jadik harusla bagi hint kat mr beloved seminggu awal Biasala laki..memory problem bila involve dgn date except for birthday and anniversary la kan.. other than date..emphhh..failed!

I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day weekend
Ptg Ahad tu, before dinner Kami shopping kat Jusco Bukit Tinggi dulu Mr beloved belikan 2 dress yg sgt marvellous The price..?ok la..siap ada discount half-price emmm..pembeli yg bijak kan..

Sempat juga masuk Crocs outlet.. and surprise...surprise.. kasut yg saya sgt bekenan tu is available... siap dah try..tp mcm tak best plak nak beli.. mungkin sebab baru lagi beli Crocs +++ tu.. So, not urgent and not important at all! But, believe me..by next month mesti dah tukar label.. very urgent and very important!heeeeee opsssss..'off' topic

Lepas maghrib we all straight away ke... jeng..jeng.. Seafood, Ikan Bakar & Panggang Tanjung Harapan, Klang for our Mother's Day celebration..

semua menu mlm tu selected by si kecik ni..

Humaira with Mother's day pose..sgt manjeee

selalu mama suap kak long..arini kak long suap mama oke...

thanx for the lovely dinner my luv..

The food? so-so jer..rasanya sedap lagi muara ikan bakar.. But overall..it was fun..

Spent time with mr beloved and my kids There is no other way in this world I would rather be spending my day other than just this. sgt..sgt...syiokkkkkk

we love mama so muchhhhhhhh

us..with the giant crab

And..additional happiness of my day.. A surprise gift which I found under my pillow! From my ever so sweet and full of surprises hubby! Oh, how I loved surprises I LOVE you!!! It's fun to be ur wife dear! :)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms out there. We all deserve a little something special...

till then, daaaaa............


angkasa said...

waah syeokkkkk.
yaya dgn hezryn comey comey
tmbh2 bla hezryn suap aunty teh tu
n yaya lak bla pose manjaa tu
comey cgat!!

kamalnzura said...

comelnya anak2...

Maisarah Mohamed Taib said...

khanna : hehehehehe...yg syoknya, masa mothers day tu diaorg cam paham2 jer..mula2 sema tido..bila dah sampai tempat makan,2-2 tejaga..dah pakat ngan papa kot..

kamalnzura : alhamdulillah..
thanks for droppin' by..
anak u pon cute..


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