Sunday, June 07, 2009

Celebrate MyLan 3rd Wed Anniversary @Penang..(Part 1)

Alhamdullilah.. its our 3rd Wedding Anniversary :)

We went to Penang for our 3rd Anniversary local vacation...
Can't wait for the real vacation end of this year..Postponed because of Influenza A H1N1

A day before berangkat, mr. beloved baru nak booking bilik through that time I was like.."potong jari kaki laaa..mesti semua dah fully booked!

Tapi alhamdulillah, umur jari kaki saya masih pjg lagi..hehehee

Mr beloved able to get one bedroom family suite at Paradise Sandy Beach Resort at a very last minute..Alhamdulillah..

The room is so cosy and comfortable..two balconies with spectacular sea views and a seperate bedroom, adjoining lounge, dining and kitchenette dgn harga yg sgt reasonable..

We all mmg kena amik standard family suite with one bedroom sebab bwk maid, maid tidur luar (dkt lounge) dpn tv..and kitaorg amik bilik..lagi mudah dpd amik separate room..

Ptg tu..after hotel check-in, we all headed to Fort Cornwallis @ Padang Kota, Penang utk jalan2 cari makan..try not to take heavy food sebab dah booking dinner kat The Ships, Jalan Batu Ferringhi..

Then, we went to window shopping kat Gurney Plaza..Mr.Beloved sempat beli Men's Swim Half Tights utk aktiviti swimming besoknya..and for me? emmphh..nothing..since standard barang2 kat sini sama mcm Pavillion KL..

Keluar dari Gurney Plaza dah agak lewat, tak sempat nak terjah shopping complex yg berikutnya. So, we just go straight away to The Ship utk dinner..The food here is soooo superbb!!Tak sempat nak capture gambar dalam restaurant..cuma gambar luar & gambar makanan jer yg ada..hehehehe..

Dan..lepas perut kenyang, we all headed back to our room. Lepas Humaira dan Hezryn tidur Bibik ambil alih shift malam :) Mr.Beloved invited me for a romantic night walk along the beach under the moonlight..Yess, sometimes a moment alone holding each other is all a couple needs.We share each other's feeling, prepare to be honest and tell each other what pleases and what annoys in our relationship..and we share 3 years wonderful memories together..with 2 beautiful was sooo perfect with the breezy, cool night..Thanks so much darling..and also for the sweet gift :)
Mr. Beloved tak bagi reveal the gift HERE (from me and from him) atas tujuan keselamatan
..And next..To be Part Two

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Anonymous said...

sedapnyer masakan penang. lain kali mai lagi


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