Monday, February 22, 2010

2009 Meets Memory


I know it's been ages for me didn't update anything in my lovely blog, except for a minor renovation here and there. I know I should post this earlier. But well, it's better late than never, right?

2009 to me was totally a whole new year with plenty of new experiences, new sights and new people...2009 has its ups and downs...and..was interesting too..

2009....A Year In Review

  • 23 Jan - Kakak@Nurul (my niece) and Fairuz wedding at Sg.Petani and Pendang, Kedah.

The best part is...saya yg buat hantaran untuk pihak lelaki
sendiri..uhhhhh..bangga tau..

  • 26 Jan - My bestfren's wedding at Pasir Puteh, Kelantan (Azimah@Gee and Wan Hasbullah)

  • 28 Jan - Cuti2 Malaysia at Cameron Highlands with beloved family..


  • 20 Feb - Exora soft launching at Mutiara Damansara . First ten buyers in a special session with Dato Syed Zainal, Proton Managing Director.

MARCH 2009

  • 27 March - Trip to Medan..Farewell to our first maid, Yanti.(31March 07~31 March 09)

APRIL 2009

  • 15 April - MPV Launching at KL Convention Centre.

MAY 2009
  • 17 May - Mr.Beloved's Birthday celebration at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi. This is the 3rd time we went up there...

  • 9 May - Mother's Day celebration. Mr.Beloved belanja dinner at Tanjung Harapan Seafood..Thanks so much luv..

  • 26 May - Kak Yati, my officemate and best buddy belanja Mr.Boloved sempena Birthday at Secret Receipe, Putra Heights..emm..yummy..Thanks Kak Yati and Abg Ujang..

JUNE 2009

  • 1 June - Celebrate 3rd Anniversary at Penang...

  • 27 June - Kak Long and Yaya Fist Visit to Zoo Negara..

JULY 2009

  • 9 July - Pre Birthday Celebration..Abg Bad (my ex-officemate) lunch 'open table' at Summit Hotel

  • 10 July - Syuez (my ex-housemate) First Farewell Party..

  • 24 July - Syuez Second Farewell Party...and last 'bai bai' to her..

  • 17 July - Surprise Birthday Party by my officemate...

  • 17 July - Lovely Birthday first ever M.A.C BASE makeup set..

  • 18 July - My Birthday celebration at........jeng..jeng..."Vietnam"...eheeeeeee...

  • 20 July - Birthday gift from beloved DELL lappy

  • 31 July - New Home playground for beautiful and lovely princess..Hezryn and Humaira..


  • 4 August - Honeymoon and Business Trip to Bandung..First time travel without kids..Tak boleh bawak sekali sebab time tu tengah hot pasal H1N1..teringat anak2 jer..selang sejam mesti call rumah..Anyhow, shopping tetap shopping sehhhh...!!!!

  • 8 August - My first online and offline biz..BabyBrandedBoutique..


  • 4 Sept - Business Trip to Bandung. Due to unexpected demand on kidswear through my online and offline biz, we went to Bandung again...Yaps..this time during Ramadhan. Sgt2 best sambut Ramadhan di Bandung. Suasana yg sangat berlainan dgn Malaysia. Kalau kat Malaysia, walaupun first week sambut Ramadhan, dah boleh dengar lagu Raya. Tapi tak di Bandung..semua shopping complex mainkan lagu2 dakwah, nasyid...rasa sejuk jer nak shopping. Banyak shopping complex buat jualan murah masa ni..cuma stock jer tak berapa ada..sebab ramai saudagar dr Jakarta and seluruh pelusuk tempat dtg bershopping dari hari pertama Ramadhan lagi.

  • 19 Sept - Aidilfitri Celebration

First Raya @ Sg. Petani, Kedah..

Second Raya @ Ipoh, Perak


  • 2 Oct - Yaya's (Humaira Sufea) First Birthday Party and Mylan Aidilfitri Open House..

  • 9 Oct - Engineering Planning Raya Gathering..

  • 16 Oct - Raya Open Houses..Engineering Services / En.Zul /Kak Saidah

  • 13 Oct -Aidilfitri Gathering for R&D Proton


  • 26 Nov - Aidiladha Celebration

Firts Raya @Ipoh, Perak

Second Raya - Korban & BBQ @ Sg.Petani, Kedah

  • 28 Nov - Trip to Thailand...weeheeeeee

No lah...Actually, we just went to..

Pesta Pulau Pinang...

  • 30 Nov - Lost World of Tambun....


  • 7 Dec - Natrah Theater @Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur
  • 27 Dec - New Bike for Kak Long...and bike lama secara rasminya menjadi milik Yaya..

So it’s all up from here right? I’d love to wish everyone here a

Happy New Year!!!
...And may 2010 be an awesome year for us all!


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